The “Civilization” of Europe is washed up in Aegean sea

[για Ελληνικά κλικ εδώ]



The drama which takes place in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, in front of our eyes, hurting irremediably our souls and swallowing thousands of people, youngsters, elderly and little children is incredible .

Our beautiful sea filled with lifejackets and dead bodies of unfortunate people, who drowned under their effort to save themselves from the war, which takes place in their countries and especially in Syria.

Europe of solidarity and humanity has been converted a long time ago to a “form” which raises walls and fence to people’s misfortune and unhappiness, with the exception of very few countries, within which our country, showing the real face of human being.

The civilians who are involved with the animal welfare and protection and are sensitive to injustice, declare, wherever they can and specifically in the zone of our involved islands, unequivocally and actively their solidarity to these persecuted people and join in the social movement and politics, which struggle to stop the death game of hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Our Federation together with thousands of other bodies in our continent calls the European Union to open its doors to the refugees, to stand at least once next to the human being, to take off its abhorrent and repulsive face, bringing back in its policy the Enlightenment Principles, which has totaly dismantled.

The radical solution to this incitement is all great powers to stop their games in Syria area and anywhere else.

Greece, who has experienced her own refugee drama, can only be a leader in the battle for the support of these people and their inexpressible misery.

Down with the walls, the fences and the entanglements
Down with fascism
Yes to humanity and solidarity

Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

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