The “Civilization” of Europe is washed up in Aegean sea

[για Ελληνικά κλικ εδώ]     The drama which takes place in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, in front of our eyes, hurting irremediably our souls and swallowing thousands of people, youngsters, elderly and little children is incredible . Our beautiful sea filled with lifejackets and dead bodies of unfortunate people, who drowned under their … Περισσότερα

The accused was found innocent

[για Ελληνικά κλικ εδώ] Another false and sinister accusation for the supposed animal trading by volunteer citizens was proved unfounded. The second degree court found innocent the Greek citizen for the accusation of animal trading, who was arrested after an anonymous (!!!) complaint in the Athens national airport in the winter of 2015. We all … Περισσότερα

Lyttos hotel at Crete, Heraklion helping stray animals find homes!

[για Ελληνικά κλικ εδώ] Lyttos Beach has started the campaign “SAVE A LIFE-ADOPT A HOMELESS PET” to encourage our guests to feel free to adopt a homeless cat or a dog from Lyttos Beach. Jason and Natalie Fox from England are our first guests to have adopted two homeless but yet lovely dogs, Harry and … Περισσότερα